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Here at Bridgers farm we rear over 17 breeds of Turkey from their arrival with us as day old chicks. This enables us to provide a broad range of sizes to meet your requirements, ranging from 5kg to 12kg in weight.

We offer a number of ordering options from whole oven ready birds, to Crowns or Boned and Rolled joints - all of which can be delivered to your door (within a 30 mile radius) or collected here at the farm on the outskirts of Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex. Our Turkeys are delicious and will impress your guests at Christmas, as a Sunday roast or our whole Turkeys (packaged in smart carrying boxes along with giblets and cooking guidance) also make a perfect present for Christmas or Thanksgiving!

Our free range white or bronze Turkeys live in large fields during the day and are herded into night time sheds at sunset for their protection. Our barn reared white or bronze Turkeys live in large open barns and have plenty of space to roam with fresh deep bedding every day and plenty of daylight.

All Turkeys live at our farm for 24 weeks (which is almost double the lifespan of other ‘commercially produced’ birds) and we take the welfare of our birds very seriously.  This ensures that they remain relaxed and content for the duration of their time at the farm - A relaxed happy bird is a tasty bird!

The preparation of our Turkeys is also a comprehensive and significant process. Turkey is a game bird so it therefore needs to be hung to ensure optimum flavour. 100% of Bridger’s Turkeys are dry plucked by hand and then hung for a minimum of 10 days.

So when you are giving some thought to planning the most important meal of the year or any family meals, we recommend you go for a Bridger’s Turkey! 

Our customers return year after year and tell us they would never buy from anyone else - We're sure you won't be disappointed!