Did you know that turkey is naturally very low in fat? ~ therefore it has to be the preferable option for Christmas day!

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Free range is the premier league of turkey and these birds have lived outside for the majority of their lives, and enjoyed roaming on grass pastures.

Barn reared have lived in large open spacious barns with plenty of room to strut around with fresh bedding every day.

White or Bronze?

Both taste amazing when cooked correctly. One thing you should know is that the meat is the same colour.

What size to order?

Whilst this is not an exact science, as a guide you should allow 500g per person for a whole turkey or 400g for a turkey crown. Always better to plan for some left overs rather than going short on the best meal of the year. Don’t forget turkey can be used in many recipes and will freeze perfectly for up to 3 months.

Here’s a rough guide (allowing for plenty of leftovers):                                        

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